Purchase of articles on the copyright of goods (the right to explain to Suzhou in situ chips)

At the same time, the customer is obliged to comply with the following terms and conditions while accepting the order and delivery of goods on the e-commerce platform. Before you order or accept the delivery of this website, please read the following articles carefully.

The price of the goods ordered is based on the online price of the website when you order.
Please fill out your real name, delivery address and contact information clearly and accurately. The website will not be responsible for the delay or distribution of the order as a result of the following circumstances: the customer provides false information and not detailed address;
The cost and related consequences of the repeated delivery of goods delivered by unsigned goods;
Force majeure, such as natural disasters, traffic martial law, sudden war and so on.
Privacy: this website respects your privacy. Under any circumstances, we will not sell or divulge your personal and order information to any third party (except for the state judicial organs). All the customer information we get from the website or on the phone is only used to deal with your related orders.
Disclaimer: if for reasons of force majeure or other this website cannot control the website sales system crash or not the normal use of leading online transactions can not be completed or missing information, records and so on, this website will be reasonable as far as possible to help deal with the aftermath, and to make the economic losses from clients.
Customer Supervision: our website hopes to provide the best service for our customers through unremitting efforts. This website is subject to the supervision of customers during the whole process of providing services to customers.
Dispute settlement: if any dispute between the customer and this website may be settled on the basis of the agreements and relevant laws identified by the parties at that time.
Special hints:

If you purchase the goods within the stipulated time by the provisions of national law or the performance failure of product quality problems, need to repair / return, please submit the repair / return in my application for this website, through the audit, in accordance with articles to express the SF returned by the web site or the seller customer service information, related to this site will mail the freight balance form returned to your account in this website. The website or seller has the right to reject your application if it is not submitted for remission / return application or to return the goods without approval. For specific details, we can see the after-sale service process in the after-sale policy.
When you receive the goods carefully check the invoice and delivery of goods and commodities are the same, if it is found that the goods have been damaged or missing, please spot delivery personnel at the scene with the merchant or our customer service department; if it is found that the post packaging is damaged, goods in transit damage, please point out on the spot please take pictures and leave the image data, and please call our customer service or business coordination, as you have receipt or others to sign, packaging as a commodity, the quantity of the goods and the content is correct, I will not be able to accept our. Electronic products, such as inspection and identification instruments, laboratory equipment, and other products with original packaging and labels, can be opened, but the original factory can not be installed, but the battery can’t be started, and it can’t be electrified, water or inserted into the slot. Please confirm the receipt of the goods in the case of non – destructive appearance. If you confirm the receipt, it is found that the appearance of the goods will not be handled.