in-Situ technology manufacts SILICON NITRIDE WINDOW for Synchrotron radiation which provides highest transmission possible and cleanest window for soft x-ray.
Product Description
The soft x-ray is lacking in the skill of penetrating layer,therefore requiring a smoother, tougher and denser silicon nitride membrane. Silicon nitride windows shall be very stable and no negative effect for its application, combined with economical charge. For applications in x-ray microscopy the windows have the following specifications.
Product Details

Frame Thickness

200 μm (200 micrometres) standard, 120?μm (120 micrometers)?on special order, mail sales department to gain further more information.

0.2200 μm

Silicon frame thickness

0.1120 μm

Silicon frame thickness

Membrane Window Thickness

50, 100 and 200 nm available.

550 nm

SiN membrane thickness

10100 nm

SiN membrane thickness

20200 nm

SiN membrane thickness

Adapted for Light Source

Our synchrotron radiation silicon nitride window are laid out for?synchrotron radiation soft x-ray observation. If you are not familiar with this field, then you can getting started from previously published papers.?The major applications of synchrotron??radiation soft x-ray test?are in condensed matter physics, materials science, biology and medicine. A large fraction of experiments using such measures probing the structure of matter from the sub-nanometer level of electronic structure to the micrometer and millimeter level important in imaging.

Related Research Projects

We will set up a page to list related research projects.

Low Stress Silicon Nitride

The membrane uses ‘low stress’ or LS silicon nitride technology, as opposed to the earlier?stoichiometric nitride layers?window that resulted in stress??but which were under considerable. The low stress?silicon nitride window?are far more iron than the earlier ST nitride layers and therefore the favored option.

High Stress

1000MPa More

Low Stress

250MPa Less

Optical Transparency

Visually one can ‘see through’ the windows if you view them by transmission light microscopy. There has to be some thickness beyond which the optical transparency starts to decline, but even at 200 nm thickness, they are transparent in the visible range of the spectrum. ?Always keep in mind when trying to estimate?the transmission performance of the membrane, optical properties are relative to the absorption edge, ?so please remember the absorption edge?is 13nm. Hence 100 nm thick?membrane?transmittance is about 44% at 13nm; At 12.4nm?the light transmission drops down to about 13%.

Optical Transparency At More Than 13nm


Optical Transparency At 13nm


Optical Transparency At 12.4nm


Heat Resistance

Withstands 2000 Fahrenheit heating, also adapts chemical vapor deposition for substrates grown such as Ti, V, Mo, and Au.

Carbon Support Films Can Suffer

100 Centigrade

Silicon Nitride Support Films Can Suffer

1000 Centigrade

Vacuum Compatibility

In-situ technology’s silicon nitride window offers these products as ?vacuum windows carefully. Our existing products which are based upon a same craft has been used this way. Although we don’t have detailed information about the?synchrotron radiation?class products but we can tell some relative data. If the window is assembled into a particular structure, then the window will likely survive a 1 atm situation.


30 nm top membrane thickness


30 nm bottom membrane thickness


100 nm cavity thickness


vacuum cavity


100 kPa external pressure


It survived.

* In-situ technology make NO GUARANTEES about the successful of our synchrotron radiation silicon nitride window in the vacuum test, the membrane MAY be broke in a LITTLE probability.


More features…

  • Silicon nitride window do not react with inorganic acid, except hydrofluoric acid.
  • Some of our silicon nitride window customers find that having some plasma bombard reaction increasing hydrophilic can have some value under some circumstances.
Technical Details
Synchrotron Radiation X-Ray Silicon Nitride Window
FRAME SIZE 5 mm x 5mm
B0103S5W0250N 50 0.25×0.25 yes
B0103S5W0500N 50 0.50×0.50 yes
B0103S5W1000N 50 1.00×1.00 yes
B0103S5W1500N 50 1.50×1.50 yes
B0103S5W2000N 50 2.00×2.00 yes
B0102S5W0250N 100 0.25×0.25 yes
B0102S5W0500N 100 0.50×0.50 yes
B0102S5W1000N 100 1.00×1.00 yes
B0102S5W1500N 100 1.50×1.50 yes
B0102S5W2000N 100 2.00×2.00 yes
B0101S5W0250N 200 0.25×0.25 yes
B0101S5W0500N 200 0.50×0.50 yes
B0101S5W1000N 200 1.00×1.00 yes
B0101S5W1500N 200 1.50×1.50 yes
B0101S5W2000N 200 2.00×2.00 yes
INCLUDED IN EACH PACK 10 pieces x-ray window

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  • 10 pieces per pack.

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per piece just


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  • We are now able to offer the customized silicon
  • nitride window product. Customers allow to order
  • specific windows that for their unique size and/or
  • thickness requirements.

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