Order products or services by Sales Representative

If you are interested in our products, the following may be helpful to you:


You can choose to contact the sales representative by phone or QQ.

Contact Number


Product Manager QQ


Product Manager Phone



Once you have determined your needs, you can send a detailed order, including technical parameters, to our sales representative.






The sales representative will tell you the order of the product inventory, as well as the production cycle may be required.

For the need for customized service orders, we have a professional Process Consultant will communicate with you, according to your needs to determine the process, and for you to analyze the price of each step, and draw a summary price. We have a professional engineer to complete your production schedule.


We will complete the production in order to prepare for your delivery, the arrival time, please note the following:

  • We unified arrangements to send products through SF, SF less than the region to negotiate.
  • All the contents of the air can be sent, the air will be issued.
  • In the morning of the 12 aviation parts before delivery, Jiangsu and Beijing the next day, as other area generally need 1-5 days.
  • The order of the product if you can not go to other air transport additional tools (such as adhesives), send land, depending on the region may need 3-7 days, the urgent need to contact the sales representative.

We support through the payment of public accounts, the company provides a 6% rate of VAT invoices, if there are special circumstances, the company may also issue VAT invoices, but the need to provide relevant information and proof.

Public Account Information

Title Of Account:苏州原位芯片科技有限责任公司
Bank Name :交通银行苏州科技支行
Bank Account :3256 0500 0018 0103 5909 6

Billing Information

Company name :苏州原位芯片科技有限责任公司
Taxpayer Number :9132 0594 3311 5773 17
Address And Telephone :苏州工业园区仁爱路150号B516 0512-67266051